Private Investigator / Author / Speaker
Private Investigator / Author / Speaker



Rates vary depending on the type of  investigative service requested.  Investigators charge an hourly or flat rate for their services and depending on type of case there may also be expenses.  

To locate somone is $50. per hour with a 3 hour minimum or $150.

A *guaranteed search requires certain information to qualify: 

*A correct full name
*A date of birth
*A social security number
*A last known address

Guaranteed Search means:  If person is not found there is no charge.  No Find - No Pay.

If you do not have the above information and do not qualify for a guaranteed search there is an hourly rate of $50. with a 3 hour minimum of $150. and there is no guarantee that the person will be found.   A form will be provided for Client to provide whatever information they have for investigator to begin working with.  The more information provided the faster the investigation will be completed.

Information is $50. and up per hour plus expenses.  Each case is different and depends on how much information is needed and how much time is involved.  During investigation phone calls to investigator will be charged accordingly.

Geneaology research is $50. per hour with a 3 hour minimum of $150.

Until a contract is signed the case will not become active.


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