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Television Shows

Over the years I have appeared on many national television reunion shows in which I found the missing people for the shows to reunite.  Reunions were Ratings Grabbers!

In 1995 I found seven missing people for Oprah to reunite on her show in Chicago.  The show was re-run over and over for about a year.  Once I was on Oprah and the show was so successful all the other talk shows started calling and asking me to find missing people for them to reunite.

Some of the reunion shows had themes such as reuniting people with their Prom Date from years ago and reuniting people with their First Love.

The shows were so much fun to work with and made so many people happy.  The audience would write letters of who they wanted to find and lots of people were selected to have their missing person found and they also received an all expense paid trip to be on the shows.

I really enjoy the challenge of finding someone and the satisfaction I receive from knowing I helped someone and gave them closure.

In addition to finding lots of missing people I have also appeared in a few movies, commercials, and music videos and have written several non-fiction books.

I just enjoy a challenge and like to stay busy, and I don't mind stepping out of my comfort zone.  My life is not dull, boring, or routine and I have traveled and experienced so many adventures.

Sometimes I just like to try to do new things, just to see if i can do something new.  A few years ago I decided to attend real estate school just to see if I could sell a house and once I did I found a new challenge that I enjoy. 

For me it's a combination of enjoying a challenge while helping other people to make them happy and make their life better.  That is so fulfilling.  

And now I'm 83 years old and I'm still working but I haven't decided what I want to do when I grow up.


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