Private Investigator / Author / Speaker
Private Investigator / Author / Speaker
About Me

Norma Tillman wears more than one hat.  She is a licensed private investigator, author, and a professional speaker.

Private Investigator Norma Tillman is a veteran licensed professional investigator with a proven track record for finding and reuniting long lost, separated, or missing family members and old friends and has appeared on many television reunion shows.

People are often separated by divorce, adoption, or simply because someone moved away and they lost touch.

The most requested search is to find a father, followed by adoptees searching for their biological family, or biological families searching for adoptees.

Her background includes working 11 years with law enforcement.  It was during these years she enjoyed the challenge of tracking down criminals.  After she left law-enforcement, attorneys began to call asking her to find missing witnesses and missing heirs.  In order to work for attorneys she obtained a private investigator license and then she realized how much she preferred finding people who had not done anything wrong vs. locating criminals.  Reuniting a family is so much more challenging and rewarding than finding a criminal.
For many years she has found and reunited long lost and missing family members and old friends on television reunion shows including:

  • Oprah
  • The View
  • The Vicki Lawrence Show
  • The Leeza Gibbons Show
  • Geraldo
  • Carol & Marilyn
  • Mike & Maty
  • Jenny Jones 
To vew a sample of these shows go to:

Norma is the author of:
  • How To Find Almost Anyone, Anywhere
  • The Man with the Turquoise Eyes
  • The Adoption Searcher's Handbook
  • Private Investigation 101
As a professional speaker she has taught continuing educational seminars at various professional conferences and other organizations around the country.  As an author and a speaker she enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with others.

In 2014-2015 she was the Chairman of the Tennessee Association of Licensed Professional Investigators ( and in her spare time Norma sometimes works with a Talent Agency and appears in commercials, music videos, movies, and television shows and sometimes models in fashion shows.
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