Private Investigator / Author / Speaker
Private Investigator / Author / Speaker
Locate Missing Heirs
Service 5
Locate Family, Friend, Classmate, Others
Locate Family Member, Friend, Classmate, Military Buddy, or others.

Hourly Rate:  $50. plus expenses*.
*Expenses include database searches and reports; phone calls to investigator during investigation.

Investigator does not look for people who are wanted by law enforcement, deliberately hiding, wanted for collection, people missing due to foul play, or 
people in other countries.  Continental U.S. only.

Investigator does not look for anyone under age 21.

If certain information* is provided and investigator cannot find the person you are looking for, there is no charge.  Any fee paid will be refunded.  
*Information provided by Client includes:
*A correct full name.
*A date of birth.
*A social security number.
*A last known address.

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